"I am writing to thank you for inviting us to "Breaking the Cycle" which was moving and incredibly powerful. The joint messages of forgiveness and responsibility could not have been more effectively conveyed. The complementary personalities of the main speakers blended together to create an experience that I will never forget, and I can only imagine their impact on the students!"
- Jackie Hayles, Staff, Hastings College of Art & Technology
"I was particularly touched and moved by the cardboard tombstones that were on display with the names and ages of the youth that have died to knife and gun crime. This showed me and the youth in attendance how real and serious are the times we are living in."
- Amanda Marquis, yr 10 facilitator Eastlea Community School, London
"I enjoyed the event immensely. As a local Councillor, I was happy to see something so positive, and our young people's ability to relate to the message. I hope assemblies like this will be done in more schools in the borough, and further afield."
-Councillor Denise Stafford, Newham, London